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Pallavi McHugh is one of the world’s most highly sought environmental, anti-racism, United Nations, and whistle-blowers consultancy experts. She’s advised governments, world leaders, Fortune 500 companies, billionaires, and corporate leaders to the public.

“Are you in search of a speaker who possesses knowledge, impartiality, and enthusiasm about topics such as international current affairs, human rights (racism & sexism), corruption, climate change, the environment, and the United Nations? Finding a speaker who is highly qualified and knowledgeable while also being unbiased and passionate can be a challenge. Unfortunately, many speakers who describe themselves as experts and leaders lack the necessary qualifications or original insights, often regurgitating information from the internet without offering new perspectives. This can be frustrating for audiences seeking genuine insights and inspiration.

Some speakers lack civility and engage in shouting matches, insulting or labeling those with different opinions, leading to a loss of credibility, audience support, and financial loss for media companies, corporations, and universities. As a trained scientist and lawyer committed to objectivity, evidence-based analysis, and empathy for diverse perspectives, I prioritize objectivity and evidence-based analysis while showing empathy and respect for different perspectives and values. I am formally qualified and knowledgeable about a range of topics, including international relations current affairs, the United Nations, racism, the environment, climate change, and corruption, and I am also an expert on the important role dogs play in well-being.

In public debates, I always strive to respect different people’s values and opinions, even if I disagree with them. I show respect and civility and avoid engaging in shouting matches or insults. I am comfortable engaging with audiences from around the world via video conferencing and have a wide range of international experience living and working with people from various backgrounds.

Over the past 20 years, I have given speeches and public interest commentary on national and international TV and radio, and have offered talks for free to help the public. However, I now charge for my speaking engagements to fund my public interest projects. My speeches are inspirational and passionate, and I strive to create positive change for individuals and society at large.

If you are interested in booking me for a speech, commentary, analysis, and debates, please get in touch to discuss your needs and receive a quote. Please note that I prioritize online engagements via video conferencing to minimize my carbon footprint and prioritize my furry children – my six beautiful dogs. However, for important events such as public interest court cases, interviews, and conferences that will bring a positive impact on the world at large, I am willing to travel internationally with short notice as an Australian citizen.

Pallavi McHugh”

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