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RACIAL COLORBLIND™ – A Course on Deep Understanding of Racism To Overcome It by Pallavi McHugh

Learn to Overcome Racism for Personal and Global Peace and Racial Harmony with Racial Colorblind™, a Course by Pallavi McHugh that Offers a Deep Understanding of the Issue.

Maintaining racial harmony is essential for addressing worldwide and national challenges, as well as ensuring success for corporations and teams. Racism causes destruction, pain, and trauma to its victims and is illegal. Unfortunately, racism has persisted throughout history and remains prevalent today, making it challenging to achieve racial harmony and avoid racist behavior. Many organizations and individuals seek guidance on navigating the new world of anti-racism protocol to avoid jeopardizing their employment or facing legal action for conscious or unconscious racism. Pallavi K. McHugh is an international environmental lawyer and author of several human rights books, including the widely acclaimed Frequently Asked Questions About Racism Answered. She has developed a course called RACIAL COLORBLIND™ for corporations and universities based on her groundbreaking research on where racism comes from in human beings. Pallavi has experienced racism many times and is also a whistle-blower of institutionalized racism in powerful organizations. She guarantees that her course can turn anyone, including a lifelong racist, into a non-racist. Many people who initially hated her because of the race she was born into came to respect and like her after working with her on a team. Pallavi used her successful methods and techniques of RACIAL COLORBLIND™ on them, demonstrating the effectiveness of her approach. The course is designed to educate people on how to avoid racist behavior and find happiness and peace. Currently, RACIAL COLORBLIND™ will only be available to large groups in corporations and universities, as well as world leaders, via pre-recorded podcast series with the ability to ask her questions later. This is to ensure her work has an impact on the world at large. Pallavi plans to make the course available to individuals in the general public in the future. The course will be available by the end of 2023. Please contact us for a quote for your corporation, university, or world leader.

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