World Trigger Point TM for the discerning & intelligent humane being

MIEL (International Environmental Law)
MIR (International Relations)
BSc (Environmental Science)
with BSc (Geography)
BA Honours (Sociology) incomplete
Various studies
“Intelligent, objective, unbiased and empowering information about the most important global issues that personally affects you & the biggest world corruptions affecting everyone’s lives, explained & unravelled by one of the world’s best intellectuals of contemporary times”


“Be yourself. Alive Powerful Compassionate Quirky Strong Sensuous and Fiery!”

“You are just like Mocha Dick (Moby Dick), who could not be destroyed even after so many attempts were made to kill him. These corrupt people in power and the bullies who repeatedly played dirty to destroy you and your efforts to help and improve the world won’t be able to crush you and silence you of what you have observed, witnessed and experienced. It will be a lifelong battle that is your destiny and its for the world.” – from Pallavi’s toughest trainer who described her upon her graduating the hardest course she has ever undertaken; where power of one’s soul is tested to the extreme.

“Damn proud to follow your Herculean leadership” – from the leader of number of Indian villages in natural disasters emergencies whose lives Pallavi saved.

“Dwelling in the heart of kindness and allowing it to flow through us heals in all directions (especially ourselves). We don’t stop healing, because the world is wounded and dearly needs it. It needs you just as you are, right here, right now. Perfectly complete with nothing lacking at all.” – from Pallavi’s Aristotle, one of the best Climate Change scientists of the world, who saw the solution she created and developed for Sustainable Development and Climate Change as her gift to humanity.

Coming up in 2019

2019 Books:

  1. Trump, Facebook, the UN & Soros: The Human Rights & Crimes Against Humanity Case Against Trump, Facebook, the UN, Soros & Powerful Cowards of the World
  2. A Golden Family
  3. Staying Alive – a climate change book for the layperson
  4. Comprehensive Climate Change Manual – a climate change book for students, academics, government officers, lawmakers and consultants
  5. World Unity in Diversity: on the most important issue


Coming up

World Catalyst Initiative TM

Working for Positive Change for all, not just one group©

None of this material is paid for or influenced by any culture, government, political party, religious organization, belief system/group, opinion, other NGO or any form of subjectivity. I do not have any cultural, emotional, religious and political need to prove anything. All I am interested in is to see clear concrete evidence, not opinions and establish the truth that can be tested with evidence.I chose a red world map for my brand because red reminds me of passion (strong feelings) and blood that is present in all of humanity; they are common threads in all of us no matter what colour we are, no matter how many factors divides us and the differences we have. Similar to how blood is the commonality amongst all human beings despite colour, race and gender, the topics I address and that interests me are important issues that is common to all of us and affects all our lives; much more than many of us realize and can imagine. We need to be united to overcome the challenges and improve each situation.