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The Bombshell Story For You To Survive & Thrive

The United Nations is widely regarded as the most influential international organization in the world. Its operations are funded by millions to billions of dollars in taxes from each member country, which is utilized to address global issues, promote peace, and prevent conflicts. However, during the outbreak of COVID-19 in January to March 2020, the United Nations initially declared that the virus was not contagious to humans and that international travel was safe, resulting in millions of deaths and widespread suffering.
Pallavi McHugh, a former United Nations employee, and whistleblower, warned of the organization’s mismanagement of global problems in her book 2016/2017, Misused American Taxes: Anti-Human Rights and Anti-Environmental Practices of the United Nations. She presented compelling evidence and predicted that the United Nations would fail to address a major global crisis, potentially leading to catastrophic consequences for millions of people around the world. Despite her efforts, her story was suppressed by three groups of people and two well-known billionaires and a famous United States Presidential candidate refused to do anything about it.
It is crucial to understand the truth about the United Nations to prevent future disasters like COVID-19 from occurring. Our hard-earned money is currently being wasted on ineffective methods that do not work. By understanding and acknowledging the United Nations’ shortcomings, we can ensure that our resources are used effectively to address global issues and protect the lives of ourselves and our loved ones.
Find out what is threatening your survival in FATALLY FLAWED: INSTITUTIONALISED RACISM OF THE UN
The Bombshell Story For You To Survive & Thrive
Pallavi McHugh is a trailblazer who exposed institutionalized racism, sexism, and cover-ups at the United Nations. Her work garnered bipartisan support from the public and United States senators, even during a politically divisive climate. McHugh’s efforts influenced the United States’ foreign policy towards the United Nations and Australia’s decision to initiate an investigation into China’s and the United Nations’ role in COVID-19. She’s a trained environmental scientist, international environmental lawyer, geographer, and international relations expert. Her interviews have been broadcasted in over 150 countries. In addition, McHugh is the creator of Magus/Magic, the world’s most diverse story for youth, and RACIAL COLORBLIND™ a course based on her ground-breaking research on where racism comes from in human beings to overcome it. She has also authored memoirs about her eight dogs and life in different countries. McHugh currently resides in Australia with her dogs and her New Zealander Australian spouse.
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