A Golden Family – Life & Laughter of A Family with 8 Dogs

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A Golden Family – Life & Laughter of A Family with 8 Dogs

A Golden Family

The heartwarming and funny story of a little girl who loves dogs and grows up to have a family of eight beautiful dogs created with artificial insemination. Her dogs daily teach her the importance of laughter, living at the moment, and what should matter in life to be happy.

Pallavi has loved dogs since she was little. She moves from India to New Zealand and then to Australia. Again, she moves to the United States of America and back to Australia. Throughout one thing remains steadfast in her life and she found the same to be true in different countries – like her millions of people around the world consider their dog their best friend. Pallavi is now a young woman, graduated, married, and about to start her dream career and life in her new home with a dog she always wanted. She plans her future to detail when suddenly tragedy strikes her. Her husband Darryl insists on getting the puppy. They bring home a puppy called Wilbur that Pallavi finds on the Internet. Their life transforms from tragedy to happiness and laughter.


Wilbur becomes the ideal well-behaved dog, except that he gets lonely when Pallavi is at work. Pallavi looks for a female companion dog for Wilbur. There is no female golden retriever puppy to be found before Christmas except one puppy who no one wanted because she was the runt of the litter. Pallavi, Darryl, and Wilbur bring the puppy home and name her Scarlett. Scarlett was the opposite of Wilbur. She was a mischievous master criminal puppy but despite being opposite of each other, Wilbur and Scarlett adore each other and are inseparable.


Wilbur and Scarlett have many hilarious episodes and adventures for years and become Pallavi and Darryl’s family and number one priority. Pallavi and Darryl want to have Wilbur and Scarlett’s puppies for their legacy, but Wilbur does not know how to make puppies with Scarlett. The latest in veterinary science, YouTube, and bribery of a leg of lamb assists Wilbur to make puppies with Scarlett against all odds. They have a litter of six beautiful puppies. To keep the puppies alive, Pallavi has to hand rear them. The eight dogs grow to create A Golden Family of unconditional love, laughter, friendship, and happiness showing why dogs are human-beings’ best friend.



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