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Nemesis was a goddess in Greek mythology who was considered a source of divine punishment for wrongdoing and an inescapable agent of the downfall of a person or persons who has wronged someone innocent and they thought they got away it, but they don’t because through their destiny and law of accountability and interconnectedness, justice is served. 12 years later Nemesis will catch up on a corrupt police officer who told me that the access to speak to a police officer, law and right to life is different for non-Caucasians and how I refused to accept it. My husband and I were severely attacked and harassed by someone for not being racists and instead practicing human rights law when we treated Chinese people with equality, dignity and respect, whom this person described as ‘filthy gooks’. I was repeatedly harassed with racism and racial hatred threats by this person who called me a ‘nigger’ and ‘yellow skin’ and many other offensive and obscene things because I practiced human rights. ‘Nemesis’ addresses how had racial segregation not been practiced by a police officer, the person who attacked my husband and me would have never become the top prison officer he is today. ‘Nemesis’ shows how in the world practitioners of racism and racial segregation come to power and chain of racism and racial segregation continues in some places’ Police and Ministry of Justice departments, even though their government ratify international human rights law. ‘Nemesis’ addresses how in reality access to police, law and justice is often never served to Indians, Chinese, Asians, Maoris, Pacific Islanders, African descent people (blacks) and many other races of the world; and how at the age of 20 years old I single handedly fought racism and racial segregation of corrupt officers of the law and refused to accept their corrupt practice that access to law and justice is dependent on the color of a person.