Frequently Asked Questions on Racism Answered

Frequently Asked Questions on Racism Answered is written by a world-renown human rights advocate based on her experiential learning of facing racism, successfully dealing with racism in various countries, and her understanding of the international human rights law. Frequently Asked Questions on Racism Answered answers many of the questions many people worldwide ask themselves and others sometime in their lives. Such as where does racism come from? Am I racist? How do I stand up to racism? This booklet is out now to help the public understand the root cause of what started the sad current events in America in May 2020 and how we can move forward from racism and trigger positive change as an individual and collectively as a society.

A Golden Family – Life & Laughter of A Family with 8 Dogs

A Golden Family

The heartwarming and funny story of a little girl who loves dogs and grows up to have a family of eight beautiful dogs created with artificial insemination. Her dogs daily teach her the importance of laughter, living at the moment, and what should matter in life to be happy.

Pallavi has loved dogs since she was little. She moves from India to New Zealand and then to Australia. Again, she moves to the United States of America and back to Australia. Throughout one thing remains steadfast in her life and she found the same to be true in different countries – like her millions of people around the world consider their dog their best friend. Pallavi is now a young woman, graduated, married, and about to start her dream career and life in her new home with a dog she always wanted. She plans her future to detail when suddenly tragedy strikes her. Her husband Darryl insists on getting the puppy. They bring home a puppy called Wilbur that Pallavi finds on the Internet. Their life transforms from tragedy to happiness and laughter.


Wilbur becomes the ideal well-behaved dog, except that he gets lonely when Pallavi is at work. Pallavi looks for a female companion dog for Wilbur. There is no female golden retriever puppy to be found before Christmas except one puppy who no one wanted because she was the runt of the litter. Pallavi, Darryl, and Wilbur bring the puppy home and name her Scarlett. Scarlett was the opposite of Wilbur. She was a mischievous master criminal puppy but despite being opposite of each other, Wilbur and Scarlett adore each other and are inseparable.


Wilbur and Scarlett have many hilarious episodes and adventures for years and become Pallavi and Darryl’s family and number one priority. Pallavi and Darryl want to have Wilbur and Scarlett’s puppies for their legacy, but Wilbur does not know how to make puppies with Scarlett. The latest in veterinary science, YouTube, and bribery of a leg of lamb assists Wilbur to make puppies with Scarlett against all odds. They have a litter of six beautiful puppies. To keep the puppies alive, Pallavi has to hand rear them. The eight dogs grow to create A Golden Family of unconditional love, laughter, friendship, and happiness showing why dogs are human-beings’ best friend.



Trump’s Corrupt United Nations


In her new book, “Trump’s Corrupt United Nations,” former UN staffer and invitee of UN University Pallavi Kakoti-McHugh says millions of U.S. and other countries’ taxpayer dollars are used to fund corruption and racism at the UN, and reveals how President Donald Trump has handled the dire situation so far. The book is now available to order on Amazon and at major book retailers.

A former UN staffer trained in the combination of environmental science, environmental law, international relations, politics, and human rights, in a candid, eye-opening and shocking revelation, Kakoti-McHugh informs the reader in Trump’s Corrupt United Nations:

  • Allegedly the world’s largest racist workplace
  • How hundreds of millions of dollars in American taxes and other major UN donors’ taxes are being exploited and misused by the UN
  • What the future relationship between the United States and the UN should look like
  • The big-time corruption and cover-up of the lawlessness of UN staff.
  • The alleged racial discrimination practice of a certain UN department and its staff towards nationals, residents of western countries compromising climate change management, the environment, well-being of the world and future generations in sustainability
  • Whether we have a realistic chance at combating climate change with the current UN
  • Her time spent at the UN–the racism, sexism, environmental malpractice, human rights abuses and corruption she experienced and witnessed.
  • How lawmakers and President Donald Trump handled the situation
  • And much more!

Pallavi Kakoti-McHugh is one of United Nations’ most world-famous whistleblowers who blew the whistle on what she alleges to be the world’s largest segregated and racist workplace in 2016-17 before Harvey Weinstein Exposé era when most people and media outlets feared to expose corruptions of powerful people and held them to a different standard of accountability. Kakoti-McHugh is a broadly qualified expert on climate change. She is an international human rights and climate change speaker, an international political analyst, a climate change consultant to world leaders and lawmakers, and an investigative writer and an author of public interest books and legislation, who writes and speaks about a broad range of public interests issues from whistleblowing, corruption, climate change to human rights.


Anti-Human Rights & Anti-Environmental Practices of the UN: Misused American Taxes

• “The UN, the creator of human rights of the current world, does not practice human rights themselves and this is a threat to the environment, Climate Change, human right to life and wellbeing of the world,” according to the newly launched book “Anti-Human Rights & Anti-Environmental Practices of the UN: Misused American Taxes” written by Pallavi Kakoti-McHugh.

• Pallavi Kakoti-McHugh is a former staff of the UN, invitee of UN University and a unique environmental world leader. She is the only person in the world qualified in the combination of environmental science, environmental law, international relations, politics and human rights, to fully understand the interrelated issues affecting the wellbeing of the world.

• “Anti-Human Rights & Anti-Environmental Practices of the UN” is an autobiographical style exposé of Pallavi witnessing anti-human rights, anti-environmental, sexism, corruption and diplomatic abuse practices at different departments of the UN by UN staff.

• “Anti-Human Rights & Anti-Environmental Practices of the UN” addresses how the survival and wellbeing of humanity, the environment and Climate Change is connected to anti-human rights practices of the UN.

• The book is an exposé of how every year, hundreds of millions of dollars of American taxes, which quickly adds up to billions of dollars, are misused to fund racial segregation. The result of this racial segregation is inefficiency in management of wellbeing of humanity, wasting hundreds of millions of dollars of American taxes in inadequate productivity and inefficiency, which is making Americans poor, jobless and exploited.

• “Anti-Human Rights & Anti-Environmental Practices of the UN” addresses the gross abuse of diplomatic immunity by UN peacekeepers and UN staff, which nationals of any country hosting UN staff could too one day face and need to be mindful of.

• That UN Charter requires both the UN and its members to practice human rights without discrimination based on race and gender. The same is reiterated in a number of UN conventions, treaties, organizations, international customary and binding human rights laws. However, the UN has a policy of welcoming professionals, selecting experts, academics and giving scholarships and research grants based on race. Consequently, the UN has taken away the human right to equality from nationals of other races and does not treat everyone equally.

• As a result of these anti-human rights UN policies, currently many of the staff, so called experts and researchers at the UN appointed to look after the wellbeing of humanity and lead the world, are chosen not based on merit but based on race.

• Racial segregation practices of the UN is a big global problem because UN staff are put in charge of the responsibility of management of wellbeing of humanity, Climate Change, Sustainable Development and the Environment.

• This anti-human rights policy of the UN also does not allow Americans and many other races of the world to enter the UN every year; but Americans pay hundreds of millions of dollars each year to the UN budget.

• Anti-human rights practices of the UN and UN staff are detrimental to the environment, Climate Change, Americans, nationals of many other races and to the wellbeing of the world as a whole.

To read more get the book “Anti-Human Rights & Anti-Environmental Practices of the UN: Misused American Taxes” written by Pallavi Kakoti-McHugh.

Staying Alive

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Comprehensive Climate Change Manual

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