Anti-Human Rights & Anti-Environmental Practices of the UN: Misused American Taxes

• “The UN, the creator of human rights of the current world, does not practice human rights themselves and this is a threat to the environment, Climate Change, human right to life and wellbeing of the world,” according to the newly launched book “Anti-Human Rights & Anti-Environmental Practices of the UN: Misused American Taxes” written by Pallavi Kakoti-McHugh.

• Pallavi Kakoti-McHugh is a former staff of the UN, invitee of UN University and a unique environmental world leader. She is the only person in the world qualified in the combination of environmental science, environmental law, international relations, politics and human rights, to fully understand the interrelated issues affecting the wellbeing of the world.

• “Anti-Human Rights & Anti-Environmental Practices of the UN” is an autobiographical style exposé of Pallavi witnessing anti-human rights, anti-environmental, sexism, corruption and diplomatic abuse practices at different departments of the UN by UN staff.

• “Anti-Human Rights & Anti-Environmental Practices of the UN” addresses how the survival and wellbeing of humanity, the environment and Climate Change is connected to anti-human rights practices of the UN.

• The book is an exposé of how every year, hundreds of millions of dollars of American taxes, which quickly adds up to billions of dollars, are misused to fund racial segregation. The result of this racial segregation is inefficiency in management of wellbeing of humanity, wasting hundreds of millions of dollars of American taxes in inadequate productivity and inefficiency, which is making Americans poor, jobless and exploited.

• “Anti-Human Rights & Anti-Environmental Practices of the UN” addresses the gross abuse of diplomatic immunity by UN peacekeepers and UN staff, which nationals of any country hosting UN staff could too one day face and need to be mindful of.

• That UN Charter requires both the UN and its members to practice human rights without discrimination based on race and gender. The same is reiterated in a number of UN conventions, treaties, organizations, international customary and binding human rights laws. However, the UN has a policy of welcoming professionals, selecting experts, academics and giving scholarships and research grants based on race. Consequently, the UN has taken away the human right to equality from nationals of other races and does not treat everyone equally.

• As a result of these anti-human rights UN policies, currently many of the staff, so called experts and researchers at the UN appointed to look after the wellbeing of humanity and lead the world, are chosen not based on merit but based on race.

• Racial segregation practices of the UN is a big global problem because UN staff are put in charge of the responsibility of management of wellbeing of humanity, Climate Change, Sustainable Development and the Environment.

• This anti-human rights policy of the UN also does not allow Americans and many other races of the world to enter the UN every year; but Americans pay hundreds of millions of dollars each year to the UN budget.

• Anti-human rights practices of the UN and UN staff are detrimental to the environment, Climate Change, Americans, nationals of many other races and to the wellbeing of the world as a whole.

To read more get the book “Anti-Human Rights & Anti-Environmental Practices of the UN: Misused American Taxes” written by Pallavi Kakoti-McHugh.

Defeating Fanaticism

Fanaticism is destroying the peace of the world and killing people and it will destroy more in the coming future at the rate fanaticism is spreading. ‘Defeating Fanaticism’ is the true account of my life, where I defeated a fanatic and stood up for human rights of Americans, Christians of other sects, Catholics, other religions, atheists, Maoris of New Zealand, Native Americans of United States of America and Canada and Brad Pitt and Sir Anthony Hopkins’ movie ‘Legends of the Fall’. It describes the heavy price I paid and the challenges I faced in life for standing up to the fanatic for their human rights and how I made my scar into a star for myself and others. It also mentions my 20 defined commonalities between all individuals who turn into fanatics in their adult life, that will help to understand certain kind of fanatics and to protect oneself from them.


Date of release: to be announced

Concepts VS. Reality of Race & Racism

‘Concepts VS. Reality of Race and Racism’ is about the life experiences of racism my Caucasian husband and I faced in Wellington New Zealand for me being coloured and a strong woman who would refused to succumb to racism. The book discusses my deep understanding of concepts and reality of race and racism. It also addresses selected case studies from my many positive collaborations, friendships and love with kind and pro human rights New Zealanders and people from many different races of the world. This book demonstrates that racism exists everywhere, including in the most peaceful and politically correct of countries, and at the same time people who are not racist also exists everywhere; that racism is a group of concepts and reality is so different from that. It is very painful and offensive when you face racism, but I did not let it get to me; instead I exercised boundaries, power, wisdom and used the law and lawyers. Consequently, despite facing so many experiences of racial hatred and racism, I generally feel happy and peaceful. I have met countless victims of racism from so many races and age groups in a number of countries whom I have empathised, supported, healed or empowered. This book is my attempt to inspire and empathise with other people who suffer from the pain and trauma of racism, especially young people who can easily ruin their happiness, peace, balance and potential to have a fulfilling life if they accept defeat to racism. It is also addressed to an objective audience who realise in true love, true friendships and positive collaborations, difference in race does not matter at all.

Date of release: to be announced

Happiness, peace & escaping license to destroy

Unhappiness, depression and anger have become global problems and sadly present in so many of us. The most common question I get asked from people who meet me is why do I generally feel happy and alive without any reason and how to feel alive. Many come up with concepts that I have never faced challenges and pain, and that’s why I am generally happy and peaceful. In this book I address what exactly is happiness and need, licenses of the human ego to destroy happiness of other people, concepts of normal, fun and happiness in comparison with reality of normal, fun and happiness and the ultimate destinations of need and being happy.

Date of release: to be announced


Nemesis was a goddess in Greek mythology who was considered a source of divine punishment for wrongdoing and an inescapable agent of the downfall of a person or persons who has wronged someone innocent and they thought they got away it, but they don’t because through their destiny and law of accountability and interconnectedness, justice is served. 12 years later Nemesis will catch up on a corrupt police officer who told me that the access to speak to a police officer, law and right to life is different for non-Caucasians and how I refused to accept it. My husband and I were severely attacked and harassed by someone for not being racists and instead practicing human rights law when we treated Chinese people with equality, dignity and respect, whom this person described as ‘filthy gooks’. I was repeatedly harassed with racism and racial hatred threats by this person who called me a ‘nigger’ and ‘yellow skin’ and many other offensive and obscene things because I practiced human rights. ‘Nemesis’ addresses how had racial segregation not been practiced by a police officer, the person who attacked my husband and me would have never become the top prison officer he is today. ‘Nemesis’ shows how in the world practitioners of racism and racial segregation come to power and chain of racism and racial segregation continues in some places’ Police and Ministry of Justice departments, even though their government ratify international human rights law. ‘Nemesis’ addresses how in reality access to police, law and justice is often never served to Indians, Chinese, Asians, Maoris, Pacific Islanders, African descent people (blacks) and many other races of the world; and how at the age of 20 years old I single handedly fought racism and racial segregation of corrupt officers of the law and refused to accept their corrupt practice that access to law and justice is dependent on the color of a person.

Date of release: to be announced

Slippery slope of turning into a racist…a fanatic & What dogs can teach

It’s easy to become a racist if one does not practice objectivity. This article shows how easy it is to become a racist and how to avoid the pitfall of turning into a racist. Then it talks about how I was told by a dog trainer that according to some source dogs can be racist. My husband and I carried out scientific fun experiments on our golden retriever dog to test this concept whether some living creatures are born racist.

Date of release: to be announced

More Terrorism Awaiting

In 2010-12 when the world was cheering that pirates off the coast of Somalia were reducing and the threat of pirates in the world is over. I was not convinced and grim. I fully anticipated more maritime piracy in other parts of the Africa. It turned out to be true. Now I fully anticipate there will be more terrorism in the world through pirates in some countries associating with terrorists. If pirates are not defeated, then pirates and terrorists will join hands and collaborate. Then the world is headed for disaster as global threats to our lives, the economy and risk to the environment become bigger. There is more terrorism awaiting and the world needs to be ready to deter and tackle it by also focusing on pirates. How? ‘More Terrorism Awaiting’ tells how.

Date of release: to be announced

Staying Alive

Description to be released later.

Date of release: to be announced

Comprehensive Climate Change Manual

Description to be released later.

Date of release: to be announced