About Pallavi Kakoti-McHugh
PALLAVI KAKOTI-McHUGH is the world’s first person (and the only person) to be qualified in the unique combination of qualifications in Environmental Science, International Environmental Law, International Relations (and Politics of the Environment) and Geography, and Sociology; which makes her trained in the interrelated areas of sustainable development and climate change. Climate Change will become the dictating factor in everything in the coming decades. She emphasizes on the economy and development for survival and progress, but sustainably.

Pallavi’s speciality is innovating and inventing solutions to selected global problems for world public interest and reaching a deeper understanding of these issues at levels which others before her have not reached and often world organizations put in charge of managing those issues have not have been able to resolve those issues or achieve adequate success. To date, she has created two solutions to manage climate change and sustainable development. One of which was blocked by corrupt people in power who personally greatly benefited from the current system of managing climate change and sustainable development. In her upcoming non-governmental organisation World Catalyst Initiative™ she intends to directly approach the global public with her solution and leave it to the global public to see the evidence and realize that it makes sense for the world to adopt her solution because it saves money, saves taxes, saves lives, achieves greater efficiency and gives humanity, particularly young generations and future generations, a much better chance of managing Climate Change and adopting Sustainable Development for survival, irrespective of which country in the world they are from.

Pallavi worked at the United Nations Secretariat in New York and at various universities in different countries. Currently, she is the Founder and Director of World Trigger Point™, where she addresses selected global problems, discusses her understandings of each issue and at times exposes certain corruptions and inefficiency in place that negatively affects the public and wellbeing of humanity.

Pallavi is a world-class researcher and analyst in many fields. While she was still just a law student at university, her work was selected to be published in the United Nations Secretary General’s Report to the General Assembly at the United Nations Secretariat in New York. She is also a piracy expert who has established that the future of current terrorism in the world will be terrorists collaborating with pirates and has come up with possible ways how that can be combated and suppressed as permanently as possible for world peace and security. Pallavi is also the co-designer of an Anti-pirates and Anti-terrorism logo.

Pallavi is devoted to the Gandhian path of non-violence as a political tool for positive change in the world.
Her efforts are not limited to just one group or country but are for the public interests of the entire world, all human beings.
She is very passionate about human rights, dead against racial segregation and racism towards any race, religion, culture, etc., which is mentioned in her books and articles.
She is passionate about climate change and sustainable development.
In her two solutions that she has invented to manage Climate Change and Sustainable Development, she has looked out for the wellbeing of young generations and future generations of the world to come who do not have a voice and a say in how Climate Change and Sustainable Development is being managed by certain people who will be long dead by the time consequences of their actions or inactions kick in; leaving young generations and future generations to suffer and pay the price.
She strongly fights sexism and corruption, which is mentioned in her books and articles.

Pallavi’s first vision is unity in diversity of the world in tackling global problems, instead of divisiveness based on concepts of race, racism, and practice of racial segregation.
Pallavi’s second vision is to bring in practice, not just in theory, a truly multidisciplinary approach to sustainable development and climate change adaptation for the entire world; reflecting the realities of the interrelated issues and attempting to mend the big divide in managing climate change and sustainable development between:

  • Corporate world and survival of the economy and environmentalism
  • Developed countries and developing and underdeveloped countries

She accepts human reality and its limitations for what it is, but within those factors and restrictions, she uses her skills and drive to work towards solutions in each given situation and vision for a better world. Her solutions combine first knowledge of the past, present and likely future, a fresh perspective and wisdom, and then based on that the trigger for positive change, awareness, and empowerment in each given situation.

Unanimously supported by all countries to pass an international law Pallavi will propose and disclose later that is required for the survival of humanity.

Pallavi Kakoti-McHugh was born and brought up around a matriarchal society in India and later spent her formative years in New Zealand. She then lived in Australia, New York, United States of America and Australia. It’s in her life path to travel and live in different countries and places to relate to different people, understand their concerns and collaborate with people from around the world with similar values and interests as her.

Pallavi Kakoti-McHugh was born into an important political, intellectual, and academic family. Her great-grandfather, Gopinath Bordoloi, was Prime Minister of undivided Assam, a major ally of Mahatma Gandhi, and was crucial in securing India’s freedom. Her mother is one of the first landmark women engineers, who fought caste discrimination (human rights) and introduced sustainable development in large-scale hydropower stations and was their leader for planning, design, and power. She courageously fought corruption to protect public interests and interests of poor people, promoted a woman’s right to an equal life and opportunities as a man in India, and led and promoted women’s rights (human rights) and women’s recognition movements in work place professional environment in India. Pallavi Kakoti-McHugh followed in her great-grandfather and mother’s footsteps in leadership, protecting public interests, fighting for human rights and being a catalyst for positive change.

Interests and Passions
Pallavi passionately and strongly dedicates her life to fighting for human rights, standing up for different people’s human rights and researching, assessing and studying to find ways to manage Climate Change and Sustainable Development under the current set of challenges.
Pallavi enjoys fighting corruption and standing up to bullies, human rights violators, and corrupt people who all their lives have walked on other people and harmed them. She empowers and at times offers probono legal research and legal solutions to certain people who cannot afford a lawyer and have been cheated by corrupt people.
In the past, Pallavi has donated to several non-governmental organizations focusing on human rights, animal protection, and environmental causes. She has been elected President and leader by all races of a number community groups and has been offered a leadership position in NGOs, but now she solely focuses on her own public interest works of World Trigger Point™ and her upcoming NGO World Catalyst Initiative™.

Pallavi Kakoti-McHugh writes about issues that affect everyone but sometimes not realized because the interconnection of issues and the domino-effect is not always obvious. In non-academic writings she writes how she speaks, thinks and feels; and attempts to make complex public interest issues affecting the wellbeing of humanity simple and easy to understand with no need to have any prior prerequisite knowledge of the issues. She writes in a way that everyone can understand and engage, not just academic readers. Many young people from different countries freely talk to Pallavi about global issues, their experiences, and thoughts and engage in positive discussions with her in an informal, approachable way. She hopes more young people will read about vital issues that affect the wellbeing of humanity, their survival, and their future.

A true representative of the immersing future of the world & experience of being both a Westerner and an Easterner
Pallavi Kakoti-McHugh has lived around the world, has traveled considerably and has socialized with a diverse range of people. She understands and speaks several languages and is fluent in English. Pallavi Kakoti-McHugh understands the ways and values of many kinds of cultures and hence people from around the world who work for her or support her find it easy to connect despite physical distance and cultural differences. She has collaborated with people from diverse backgrounds and chooses people whom she works with and is friends with irrespective of their race, religion, age, class, etc and practices human rights in action in everything. This has given her the exposure and added to her natural inborn gift to empathize with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. She is married to a New Zealander of English and Irish descent and has two golden retriever dogs. She identifies herself not just as an Indian, but also a New Zealander, an Australian, pro United States of America and cares about the entire world. Her efforts are geared towards serving the world and interests of “all” people. She views the world as her home, not a country.